Thursday, June 17, 2010

Felt and Naked Bike Riders

Ahhh the Barton Bag is finished. It was my first felted project and I was surprised by how long it takes for felted wool to completely dry. I finished the gusset and strap and assembled it on Saturday night. Felted it in the washer (for 25 minutes) then rinsed it in cold water in the sink, rolled it in a towel to get out excess water, then laid it out on the table to dry. I wouldn't say it was completely dry until Wednesday. I really wanted to show the ladies at my knit group, so dry or not, it was going with me Wednesday night.

Worldwide Knit in Public Day was last Saturday and I was all ready to go out into the world with my sticks but Ted had to work and so I took our lovely baby Ginger for a walk at the park instead.

It was a beautiful and busy day in Bellingham since most of the high schools and WWU were having their graduation ceremonies that weekend. People, pets, kids, one bridal scavenger hunt team (looking for the radio museum) and then came this troupe. . .

According to the 30-40 people that biked past us in their all-together-not-all-together, it was Naked Bike Ride Day. Haven't look this up to see if it was actually a declared day or if they just decided that it would be Naked Bike Ride Day since it was such a rare sunny day. I do find the idea of Naked Bike Ride Day and Knit in Public Day being scheduled on the same day a little scary. Pointy sticks and fast moving naked bodies don't seem like a good combo in the event of an accident.

I've cast on my next project:

I'm knitting them out of Malabrigo Sock in Chocolate Amargo on US Size 1 dpns. I haven't taken another stab at my sock pattern since the big frog (tore it all out of those readers who are non-knitters). I have two sock patterns and one mystery pattern that are in the works and I hope to make some good progress on them in the coming weeks.

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