Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pie Maker Apron

I'm very happy to announce that I have launched my second pattern, the Pie Maker Apron:When I was a little girl, my family and I lived in an orchard and during the late summer/early fall we would bake pie after pie during the harvest. We always needed an apron so that we wouldn't get completely dirty and covered in flour. It is difficult not to get completely covered in flour while rolling out dough (or having a flour fight with your sister). My favorite parts of baking were the flour fights and extra pie dough dipped in sugar/cinnamon mix. These are still my favorite bits of baking. This pattern reminded me of those times so I decided that an apple pie recipe (Apple Pie with Cardamom) needed to accompany it.I miss a lot of things about the orchard. I loved the trees, rows and rows of trees. At first they would be covered in blossoms and then heavy with fruit. Late in fall, the discarded apples that weren't gleaned for cider, would start to rot on the ground and create a wonderful smell. I know it sounds gross, the smell of rotting apples on the ground but it is a very comforting smell to me. It meant that my favorite season, autumn, was coming.
Along with the new pattern in the Etsy store, a few sets of stitch markers were added for sale. I really like matching my stitch markers to my project in the same way I would match my handbag to my outfit, it just feels right.

More to come soon, after a good night's sleep and a clearer head!

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  1. Hey Pretty Hippy..I grew up in a orchard and what you wrote brings back good memories of my childhood! I dont think the smell of rotten apples is gross, because I love that smell also.