Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One month gone, one year older, and one pattern heavier

I blinked and a month went by, I swear. It was JUST the fourth of July, then I closed my eyes and took a breath and it's August! During that very long and slow blink, Ted and I went to Lake Chelan for our annual week of doing nothing while sitting on the dock, with Gin.

Days look like this

And evenings like this

While there, I turned one year older. Sigh. Last year was a big one, 3-0. I was kind of excited for that one because it was a big milestone. Now there isn't another milestone until 40. Hmmmmmmmm, I have awhile to get comfortable with that.

Spent the rest of the month thinking about getting started on Christmas knitting and finishing my Professor Sock pattern.

The twisted stitch pattern on these socks reminds me of many professors I had in college. Mr. So-and-So the Third, there were so many of them with various roman numerals after their names. As if the smarter they got, the less imaginative their names became.
This pattern is dedicated to my dear friend who just finished his Masters degree in Creative Writing. Congratulations Mr. Cody T. Luff, the first.

I never thought I would be the kind of person who starts thinking about Christmas in July. That task is reserved for the super motivated, highly organized and deadline driven. I don't posess any of those attributes. It doesn't seem right but if you are going to make any handmade gifts, you really have to start now-ish. Every year I have VERY lofty goals and then in the end only accomplish a fraction of those goals. Then, inevitably, my New Year's resolutions are filled up with the compulsory promises of losing weight and doing more handmade items for next year. This year will be no different but I think the trick is to increase the percentage of completed projects. I know I will never get all of the planned gifts done before the deadline but I will get more done than last year.

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  1. Awesome sock Jenn! :) Love that you knit and make patterns. Personally I am glad you are another year older and wish for many more birthdays for you. Good luck on all of your holiday projects... I often start out with a bang and fizzle out before the holidays arrive. :) Reading this was wonderful... it reminded me of being back in high school and listening to you talk about whatever. Miss you!